can you calm down?
i should have put them in one entry.since they are different topics,keep them different.
Thick painting←“厚涂”这么翻译?
many thanks to AЯK for his guide in thick painting(& his paint tool SAI)

Thick paint_Jet by ~ZeroluckBear on deviantART

My friends,no, possibly a large number of shitizensweb users on SNS(renren) or other famous forums( so it is with the Goo*le reader) on the Internet chinernet are being MORE and MORE restless,but less confident on the gov. Later some of those who cannot tell "gov" from "n*tion",they turn out to hate this nation =__,=(forget about them)
The rest,mostly are on their way to 2 extremes: FQ or JY←do not "google" it ,"baidu" the words
last night, a friend in QQ group(just like the MSN group)said,"our country has so many problems,i'm forced to notice these problems ,but i don't know what to do."
A problem comes first,then u notice it; but not 'cause of your knowing it ,it comes into reality.i'm never a superman.i only do things within my ability.



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